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My healing journey has started in the year 2002 when I realized that I have the same health issues as most of my older relatives. I’ve spent some time on visiting doctors, but they could not help me. Eventually I decided to learn alternative medicine. First I’ve learned energy exercises which helped me to balance my energies. Then I bought a book, describing the kind of energy medicine, and before I finished reading the book I received a call from my relative. She said that her 1 year old son was seriously ill for more than two weeks and the treatment he received, did not bring any sign of improvement. I took my pendulum and his picture and started testing. It was about midnight and I decided to continue the next morning. I looked again on his picture and sent him my best wish to recover. The next morning he was ok – all symptoms were gone.

Since then, I was helping my relatives and friends with health and business issues (sometimes people have issues at work or in business just because their energies are not balanced). I also continued studying the medicine of energy and now I am certified in the following modalities: Emotion Code, Body Code, Theta Healing, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki. To see my certificates click here.
All these modalities can be used as complimentary treatments i.e. they can be used with conventional medicine or in many cases they can be used as alternative treatments i.e. in place of conventional medicine. These modalities do not have side effects and most of energy treatments are relaxing – so you feel much better after treatment.

We live in rapidly changing stressful environment and our bodies are not ready to all these new chemicals in food, electromagnetic pollutions and stresses at work that we face every day. This is real cause of most health issues of the 21-st century and energy medicine is a good way to deal with these issues. Whether you need treatment for low back pain, neck pain, heartache, chronic fatigue, stress or other health or emotional issues I can help you.
My Healing Sessions are available in North York of Toronto Canada area and remotely via Skype or telephone.


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